About Me

Dining in IsraelHello,

I’m a 29 year old Scot currently living and working in Edinburgh who loves to cook.

How did this love affair begin?

After a take-away infested first year at university, I decided: “enough is enough”, and promptly bought a knife block, a sharpening steel and a chopping board.

From then on I’ve never looked back.

Growing up, I had a slightly different relationship to food. I often played with my food at the dinner table: I remember flattening my mashed potato with the back of my fork and ploughing lines in it like a farmer’s field – I would even plant a few peas in there for good measure. Makes you wonder when I actually found time to eat the food that my mother produced.

My food philosophy

I believe it’s important to make good choices when it comes to food. In our age of conflicting health advice and ever-more elaborate diets we can do ourselves a favour by keeping things simple; following a diet of seasonal ingredients, seeking locally sourced produce (where possible), with plenty of greens and good-quality cooking oils incorporated into our diets.

On gratefulness and the providence of food

Before sitting down to eat I believe it is important to acknowledge

  • How fortunate we are and to give thanks; either to God or to any other being to whom you feel drawn towards spiritually;
  • The effort it takes every single day, involving many people, for food to be brought into our lives;
  • The providence of our food by understanding how it gets from the earth / sea onto our plates;
  • The daily struggle that many people go through every day in order to feed their families;
  • How lucky we are to enjoy such quality, quantity and variety in our daily lives.

On savouring our food

Savouring = being mindful of the experience and so prolonging the pleasure we get from it.

My top 5 suggestions for savouring your food:

  • Turn off the TV, smart phone and other distractions
  • Remember to enjoy the company around you
  • Feel the texture of each bite
  • Put down your fork in between bites
  • Think of all 5 senses when you are eating

“when you chew, chew only the food, not your projects or your ideas. You are capable of living in the present moment, in the here and the now. It is simple.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Thanks for reading!

Jonny Dunsmore

About the blog – technical aspects:

  • Within this blog you will find individual blog posts, arranged by category, with recipes and images, including some step-by-step recipe walk-throughs with screenshots.

Note on recipes:

  • All recipes are designed to be as easy to follow as possible, based on standard British metric system (L/mL/kg/°C).
  • All recipes are my own creation unless stated otherwise.

Note on photography:

  • I use a Nikon 3100 DSLR camera (including the essential tripod).
  • Every dish and image on this blog was cooked and captured by me, respectively.

Notes on writing: 

  • I’m not a natural wordsmith; I have never taken any creative writing courses and I don’t read nearly as much as I’d like to, but throughout each and every blog post I will try to be as informative, engaging and descriptive as possible.
  • I don’t write for the attention on any grand delusions of fame. For me, the online world is full of blogs, tweets, tubes, faces, pages and pods, all created by thousands of individuals all fighting for attention… I get my kicks from the creative communication of ideas, the learning opportunities, and the fact that I can connect with like-minded people.