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Good home cooking

There’s a certain giddiness in the air right now with the arrival of Spring.

Tolstoy describes it as, “the time of plans and projects”.

The author Margaret Attwood goes a step further by saying, “in the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt”

In short, it’s a time of growth, emergence and fresh engagement with life.

I’ve been thinking recently about the idea of the Soul (the identity, the Self, “the spark of the Divine”, or however else you want to define it) and how this is linked to personal growth throughout the seasons.

The poet Rumi describes Spring as: “When ecstasy seems the natural way to be and any other out of tune with the season of Soul growth.”

This idea of careful building, strengthening and nurturing really speaks to me.

In the midst of life’s struggles and confusion the Soul is tough, savvy and self-sufficient and is built entirely out of attentiveness.

Spring is a time of building ourselves up after the winter months.

For me, food and family gatherings are an ideal way to go about this.

This is a recent snap from a birthday gathering in Scotland featuring the very best of comforting home cooked meals from various members of my extended family.


Clockwise from top left - vegetetarian lasagne, macaroni cheese, salad and crudités, salmon dressed with tomato and lemon, meat lasagne, broccoli with sweet peppers and, finally carrot and coriander soup with sliced sourdough bread

…and that’s only one half of the table.